10 meters - COLD WHITE - LED strip complete set - 1200 LEDS

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  • 12 VDC
  • 24 VDC
  • Cord switch
  • Cord dimmer
  • NO
  • Touch cord dimmer
  • Wireless dimmer 10 button RF ( +$9.95 )
  • Luxury wireless dimmer 4-zone RF ( +$19.95 )
  • Luxury wireless dimmer 4-zone RF + Wifi ( +$39.95 )
  • Wall panel touch wireless 4 zone ( +$29.95 )
  • Wall panel touch 4 zone + WIFI ( +$49.95 )
  • Operation via WIFI (without remote control) ( +$29.95 )
  • IP20: safe to touch
  • IP65: protected against moisture ( +$7.50 )
  • IP67: completely waterproof ( +$12.50 )
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Led strip cold white - 10 meter - complete set Premium - 1200 leds
The LED strip contains no less than 120 LEDs per meter, which guarantees you a very high light output and a very even light distribution. The clear, cold white color gives a stylish effect but is also suitable as a light to work on. With us, white is really pure white, without any blue glow and with a color temperature of around 5500 Kelvin.


Features cold white LED strip set Premium
Complete set of led strip cold white premium with 120 leds p / m
Beautifully clear, cold white light: 5500 Kelvin
The LEDs are dimmable
Cut the strip to the correct length
High light output


Dimmable:    Yes
3M adhesive strip over entire length:    Yes
Can be cut to size:    Every 5 cm
LED type:    3528 SMD
Color:    Cold white
Color temperature (Kelvin):    5500
Light intensity (Lumen) p / m:    840
Radiation angle:    120 degrees
Number of LEDs p / m:    120
Watt - consumption p / m:    9.6
Voltage:    24V
Protection:    Choose from IP20, IP65 or IP67
Waterproof protection material (IP65 / 67):    Silicones
Number of burning hours:    50,000
Background color strip (PCB):    White
Width led strip:    
IP20: 8 mm
IP65: 10 mm
IP67: 10 mm
Width connector on LED strip:    
IP20: 8 mm
IP65: 11.5 mm
IP67: 11.5 mm
LED strip thickness:    
IP20: 3 mm
IP65: 6 mm
IP67: 6 mm
Guarantee:    2 years
Certification led strip:    CE , CE-LVD  and  RoHS


The complete set of cold white LED strip comes with a power adapter and switch or dimmer so that you can connect and use it directly, Plug & Play. You can expand the set with, for example, a dimmer, remote control or a combination thereof and add the functions you want yourself.


Your LED strip is protected as standard against dust and touch (IP20). If you want to place your LED strip inside in a damp room or sheltered outside, choose IP65 protection. Now you can also opt for a protection that allows you to place your LED strip outside, even in the rain. This is IP67 protection. So enjoy the right protection everywhere!


This complete set of LED lighting consists of
10 meter led strip cold white premium with 120 leds p / m
switch, (wireless) dimmer or touch panel
adapter for in the socket
With choice IP67: Connection and mounting set for waterproof LED strips